"If i could dream, it would be about you. And i'm not ashamed of it"

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Rob's Music
Made by Elz
Here's the link to download some live songs from Rob Pattinson. Hope you guys enjoy the music! I love the song I'll be your lover too.


Track list:
1. Broken
2. I'll be your lover too
3. I don't mind
4. In your head
5. Let me sign (Live version)
6. Let me sign (Twilight Soundtrack)
7. Never Think (Twilight Soundtrack)
8. Broke
9. Stray Dog
10. To roam


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Thank you! I knew of the Twilight ones but not the others. *g*

You're welcome! I was surprised about it too, i actually didn't know he liked to sing too! Until later, when i listened to an interviewed where he said he loved singing more then acting.

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