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Twilight Questions
Made by Elz

A friend sent me this quiz though e-mail, you can tell i was bored but after finished it i thought i could post it here and see what your thoughts are about the saga =)


1.   Favorite book of the series? A tie between Twilight and Eclipse

2.   Why is it your favorite book? Twilight, because it’s the beginning of a great story and it’s were Edward and Bella’s relationship develops. Eclipse, because I like the love triangle between the main characters.

3.   Favorite quote from that book?  “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb…” “Do you ever think that your life might be easier if you weren’t in love with me?”

4.   If you had to switch an actor from the movie, who would it be? Probably Nikki Reed. She’s not the most beautiful girl, I think they could have found a better option.

5.   Who is your favorite character from the book? Edward Cullen!

6.   Who is your favorite character from the movie? Charlie!

7.   Did you like the movie? Yes, but I think it was mainly because I hadn’t read the book. But after I did, they think they left out a lot of important parts and situations from the book. But overall I liked it. And I like Rob Pattinson as Edward way too much! lol

8.   What actor do you think would be the perfect Edward? I can’t really think of anyone. I think Stephanie created a character that doesn’t exist in real life. But I think Rob was a good choice, right now every time I read the books again I can’t help but picture Rob as Edward.

9.   Team Edward or team Jacob? Why? Team Edward! Because he truly loves Bella and all he wants to do is make her happy and be with her forever. I’m such a romantic at heart!

10.   If you could be a vampire, would you be a vegetarian or a traditional one? Vegetarian.

11.  Why are you fan of the saga? I think the whole romance in it. I really like the way Edward loves her. The way their love is develop in the saga.

12.  What actor do you think had the best performance in the movie? Billy Burke! And Rob Pattinson.

13. Do you think there should Breaking Dawn movie? Yes, but I don’t know if I want to watch the part were Bella gives birth. I can’t really picture how they’re going to translate that into the movie.

14. Did you like Edward and Bella’s honeymoon? No, I think I really wanted to read a hot sex night! Haha.

15. What do you think about the reference of Jake and Nessie in the book? No, I think it was awkward. I’ve got to admit I went ew! When I read it.

16. Did you want Bella to choose Jacob? No, I always thought Edward and Bella belonged together.




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