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Rob's Music
Made by Elz
Here's the link to download some live songs from Rob Pattinson. Hope you guys enjoy the music! I love the song I'll be your lover too.


Track list:
1. Broken
2. I'll be your lover too
3. I don't mind
4. In your head
5. Let me sign (Live version)
6. Let me sign (Twilight Soundtrack)
7. Never Think (Twilight Soundtrack)
8. Broke
9. Stray Dog
10. To roam


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Omg! I didn't know about these! Thanks for the link! Listening now :)

You're welcome! I hope you enjoy the music! =)

@_@ HE SINGS?! OMFG! *downloads*

Thanks for this!! :)

You're very welcome! I hope you enjoyed his music =)

Thank you! I knew of the Twilight ones but not the others. *g*

You're welcome! I was surprised about it too, i actually didn't know he liked to sing too! Until later, when i listened to an interviewed where he said he loved singing more then acting.

Looks like I have to be a YouSendIt member to listen to these? Thanks for the link though and welcome fellow Addict/Newborn. :D

Neverrrrmind. If I would just open my eyes I would have seen the darned zip file. Thanks!

thanks you downloading now.

You're welcome! I hope you liked his music.

I so do, I got to put on my mp3 and I am sure i wont listen to anything else for at least a week lol.

I'm glad you liked it =) I know what you mean! I've had them on repeat for over a week! =P


Thank you for sharing!^_^

(via twilight_addicttwilight_addict)

thank you, thank you, thank you!

Welcome! Hope you enjoyed his music! =)

I'm having trouble opening the file once it's downloaded... I have a mac but the file extension is .rar? I'm kind of lame at this... any advice?

Go to www.unrarx.com to download the program that helps you open .rar files on your computer. If you keep having trouble opening the zip file let me know.

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