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Random stuff
Made by Elz

1. Friday at last, does anyone feel like life is moving to fast? I do, i can't believe it's almost June. I feel like i don't have enough time to do everything (work, family, friends, ext). I think i should work on that.

2. 2 weeks ago i went to see a mexican group called Magneto and i have to admit the teenybopper in me screamed from excitement. It was the first time i was able to meet them backstage and see the concert from the 1st row. I think the excitement will last for a while. I was thinking if this was my reaction to see Magneto, i don't know how i'll react if Nsync ever gets together lol.

3. I'm gonna go see MIB 3 this weekend, i'm a fan of Will Smith and these movies so i hope i won't be disappointed.

4. Have an awesome weekend!


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